Comfortable birthday: 100,000 robots set to sing for Mars rover



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b926 Sure, it is a advertising b926 gimmick. Positive, it is form b926 of hokey. However darn it b926 if this does not unexpectedly b926 pull on the heartstrings.

b926 Husqvarna, the maker of b926 autonomous dwelling garden mowers b926 that look one thing b926 like RC tactical assault autos b926 from Mad Max occasions, is b926 releasing an uncommon software program b926 replace to have fun a b926 lonely robotic 1000’s of miles b926 away. In early August, the b926 Curiosity Mars rover will flip b926 10 years outdated. Following the b926 software program replace, some 100,000 b926 Husqvarna Automowers world wide will b926 be capable to b926 sing Comfortable Birthday b926 to the intrepid explorer.

b926 There’s some backstory right here b926 (and, in fact, a video). b926 The engineers behind Curiosity clearly b926 had some enjoyable. They programmed b926 the superior information assortment b926 robotic b926 to sing Comfortable Birthday b926 to itself, which it did b926 on its first birthday in b926 House. However saving batteries took b926 priority on subsequent birthdays and b926 the rover, which continues to b926 be in operation, has not b926 had any birthday magic since. 


b926 Rovers have lengthy held a b926 singular area in in style b926 creativeness, and whereas anthropomorphizing a b926 machine is all the time b926 questionable these Rovers (and the b926 staff behind them) are worthy b926 of celebration. My children love b926 a e book known as b926 b926 Good Night time Oppy b926 , concerning the Alternative rover, b926 and there are b926 related titles about Curiosity b926 .

b926 “For us, this can be b926 a technique to pay homage b926 to the nice engineering work b926 of NASA, and that of b926 our intensive staff of robotic b926 specialists, by letting our robotic b926 mowers have fun a fellow b926 robotic … no person ought b926 to should sing Comfortable Birthday b926 to themselves, proper?” requested Björn b926 Mannefred, Robotics Software program Supervisor b926 at Husqvarna.

b926 Husqvarna has been forward of b926 the pack in working with b926 IoT and exterior third-party options, b926 together with Google Residence, Amazon b926 Alexa, and IFTTT. This newest b926 software program replace is obtainable b926 on August 5 and has b926 a little bit of Elon b926 Musk aptitude to it. You b926 probably have an Automower, the b926 replace is obtainable to fashions b926 405X, 415X, and 435X AWD b926 and can change into out b926 there completely in September for b926 Automower homeowners to be used b926 of their future birthday celebrations.



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